A Little Newborn Session Info :}

I have quite a few little ones on the way so I figured I would add a few notes about newborn sessions! Let me know if you have more questions! I can always add more!!

I can’t wait to meet all your little guys and girls!

Newborn Session Information:


Newborn sessions are done at a studio near Downtown Grand Rapids.

Props and Outfits:

I have many props, headbands, outfits, etc… available so unless you have a specific costume or dress up piece in mind it is not necessary to bring any outfits to the session. I also have stools, chairs, buckets, etc… so unless there is something specific you want in your images we’re all set!

Time Slot:

Sessions can last up to 3 hours depending on how sleepy and cooperative your baby is. Please do not plan anything for after the session as I can’t guarantee the time frame and we don’t want to rush your session!

Bring Extra Diapers:

Please bring extra diapers, more than you think you will need just in case!

Schedule ASAP:

It is very important that you schedule your newborn portrait session as soon as possible after your child is born.  In order to be able to get all of the images most parents want, your baby needs to be photographed when he or she is 10 days old or younger. {10 days or less is best but under 14 is also doable} Babies are much more flexible and sleepy at this stage, which are necessary for many of the newborn poses you may want!

Feed your baby before you arrive:

This is very important!! Please feed your baby before you arrive and be prepared to possibly need to bottle feed or nurse your baby as soon as you arrive at the studio. A full tummy and satisfied baby at the beginning of the shoot is one of the most important steps of getting baby to fall asleep, and more sleep equals more images of your baby.

Be patient:

We may have to pause and stop to feed or settle your baby many times. It’s completely normal! The more patient we are with your child the better they will be for their pictures!

Remember these and we should have a fun, successful session with your new little one!

Current pricing information is located on my website: www.evelynvaughnphotography.com

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